This cute, clean place is a gem in Rosenberg. It was an easy drive to get to from Katy which makes it that much more tempting to frequently visit this place! I couldn’t get over the decor that Another Time Soda Fountain has to offer, which makes for a great story on Top This Place. The antique decor that is sprinkled all around give it a rustic charm. If you let your eyes wonder around you will spot historic appliances which will make you quickly realize how much times have changed.

What makes this place very comfortable is the calm, easy going wait staff. The ladies are very polite and don’t mind at all when you ask simple minded questions such as what’s the difference between a shake and malt? All the tables are stacked with all that you need.

Before arriving, we decided to look up the menu on their website. It’s a good thing we did because it is filled with so many options for desserts! Their menu includes burgers, chicken fingers, steak fingers, and sandwiches. My husband ordered our meals which included a half pound burger without onions (I’m not an onion girl), a chicken strip basket, and chicken fried steak strip basket. The plan was to “share” all the meals. Remember that I wrote that.

I ordered a homemade lemonade for my son, a homemade limeade with an added cherry, and my husband dove right in for a peppermint shake. The homemade lemonade was less than impressive. However, my limeade with cherry was an awakening…no truly! It could probably replace coffee! The peppermint shake was very tasty with bits of hard peppermint candy mixed in which was an added bonus treat!

After a short wait, our food arrived very hot! My son released his breaks and went for the chicken strips! My mouth couldn’t stop watering until I had some fries in my mouth! The chicken fried steak strips were owned by my husband so I claimed the burger. The burger was probably the champion out of the two meals. I insisted to my husband to try the hamburger which was not a good decision on my part because it was a challenge getting it back from him. I took about one bite of the chicken fried steak fingers when I could see the streaks of grease left behind. By the second bite I had to use my napkin to soak up most of the grease from the strip. It was decent just over the top greasy. After giving a sad, “Puss in Boots” look over to my husband to return the burger, I continued to eat the burger and fries. The chicken strips were ordinary nothing too special. After barely chewing my hamburger and fries, I was ready for my Strawberry Shake!

As soon as the waitress came by I ordered my shake and my son ordered a lime sherbet in a cup. After slurping down a mouthwatering strawberry milkshake, I quickly learned Another Time Soda Fountain is more known for their sodas, ice cream , & shakes. I am already regretting not getting a coke float or root beer float, which they have by the way.

My husband and I agree that the food was good, but it was the sweet treats from Another Time Soda Fountain is what makes it very special. Having this in a very quite town like Rosenburg allows you to sit and slowly enjoy your meal without hustle of crowds.

Location: Another Time Soda Fountain