The Montrose area of Houston is the home of local bar name Catbirds that was very close to the hearts of people when we started researching favorite bars to check out. Our host Ashlie scouted this bar and told us we had to share it with our viewers. We headed to Catbirds on a Sunday afternoon to find a jazz lounge that has people from various walks of life filling the bar stools.

When most people hear about bars from others it is because those bars have built a reputation over time for something special. Catbirds is a bar/lounge you can go for a nice drink with soothing jazz music playing in the background, it is that bar that you can actually hold a conversation at normal speaking level. Over the years Catbirds has gained a huge following of REGULARS that keep them busy but not slam packed on most nights. After speaking with the bar manager Holly we learned that one of her favorite things about here job at Catbirds is the regulars themselves.

It may be hard to believe but in todays fast paced world where everyone is rushing around and whizzing through life you can still go to 1336 Westheimer Rd and slow down a bit with your favorite libation. Do not forget some conversation with someone from another walk of life that is willing to listen with a great attitude. Thank you Catbirds for the cool visit.

Location: Catbirds