My love of traveling can often grant me the opportunity to find a unique experience by chance.

My love of traveling can often grant me the opportunity to find a unique experience by chance. One such experience was on my recent trip to Tokyo during which time I spent hours upon hours walking the streets of Tokyo sometimes for fun, but more often because I was lost. When I say lost I do not mean in a negative way, often when I am heading to a destination to see something I may find a street or small alley that I just want to peak down. Before I know it I am lost and off the beaten path but who cares I just walk and absorb my surroundings. Of course if I was on some sort of timed vacation or with family I would not explore as much but not the case in Tokyo so I followed every off course distraction I could. I did not come upon a huge uncharted find but I still had fun just walking around lost.

In Tokyo the written Japanese language looks nothing like anything remotely familiar so you can easily see that reading the street signs may not get you far. I walked upon this sign next to a train stop and I quickly realized this train was going to “Destination Unknown”. Since I had already been on trains to the wrong destination earlier in the week I decided to pass on getting on this one “JUST for FUN”.

I walked up upon a motorcycle that really stood out, a bobber with a really cool old school feel to it. You just never know what you will see. True nothing mind blowing about this but neat to see an American style bike on the other side of the world.

If you get out on the streets early in the morning the city is calm and quite, about thirty minutes after I shot this the street was filled.

By far one of the nicest scenes I walked into was a long stretch of train tracks that people of the community have planted roses next to. I tried to ask around to find out why they picked to plant roses there or if there was some sort of meaning but no such luck. Either way I spent time walking along the tracks as the roses seemed to go on for a long way. I did noticed there were small plastic stakes that had names on them almost like a name of the family that maybe planted or sponsored the upkeep, totally just guessing.

In any case if you have the chance to get lost in an unknown city do so, it is fun and if you walk far enough you will eventually find your way back. If for some reason you can not find your way back just ask a local authority, yes these two helped me haha!

Location: Tokyo