History Galore!

Charleston South Carolina is one of the southern cities I’ve had on my list of places to visit for quite some time. Let me just say that it almost didn’t get scratched off my list since it took me well over an hour to find a place to park the van I was driving. There were plenty of parking garages but none that could accomodate a tall vehicle. After searching I finally found an open air parking lot near the Historic City Market.

Churches and their graveyards seem to have just jumped out at me while I strolled through the streets of Charleston. I love talking a walk through these on site cemeteries and reading the names and the dates in which they passed. Tons of history in this city.

The Confederate Museum located right at the beginning of the City Market seemed like a good place to visit but all of the “No Photography” signs spread out in the lobby turned me off. I decided to skip the tour and continue walking.

Horse drawn carriage tours.

Another Church…

A rose made out of a Palmetto Leaf laid upon a head stone.

Graveyards everywhere… very erie and interesting to say the least. I would love to have stayed the night here in Charleston in order to take a Ghost Tour but time didn’t allow for it.

Maybe the next time I visit I’ll be able to spend more time here in Charleston. Just a few hours was not nearly enough time.

Location: Charleston South Carolina