The Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco, California is more than just a place to rest your head at night. Unlike the normal chain hotels, this hotel is like a step back in time as soon as you walk in the door. On our latest west coast road trip my buddy Abel and I ended up staying here on a Saturday night.

The hotel is a luxury Bed and Breakfast located in the Pacific Heights district of San Francisco dating back to the late 1800s. Many of the items throughout the hotel are also from the same era as the hotel which makes for a very interesting feel to the hotel. Being that it is a Bed and Breakfast we made our way downstairs to the dining room for breakfast but only found a few bagels and cereal so decided to eat somewhere else for the day. Maybe we were too late but it did not seem like there was anyone attending to guests there either.

During our stay, we were booked in room 410 which is thought to be visited by the late Miss Mary Lake on a regular occasion. This in fact was something I was not aware of until we joined the San Francisco Ghost Hunt that meets nightly at 7:00 p.m. at this very hotel.

Miss Mary Lake: At one time the Queen Anne Hotel was known as Miss Mary Lake’s School for girls. On February 15th, 1890 the school opened and the upper-class women of San Francisco came to the school in order to be groomed before entering future roles in society. After about nine years the place was sold and became a gentlemen’s club for a number of years. During our tour, we learned that Miss Mary Lake is still present and is known to do things like pulling the clothes and hair of the current staff as well as making things tidy in suite 410 which at one time was her office. One of the most common things is that she will try to make guests more comfortable in suite 410 by tucking them into bed if they happen to fall asleep while she is present in the room. Yes, it is true. She is also active throughout the halls and stairways of the hotel and has been seen by guests on a regular basis. There are different theories as to why she haunts the Queen Anne but our tour host Jim said he believes she just wants to keep the hotel tidy and make her guest feel comfortable so that sits well with me. It is a relief that she is a friendly ghost.

Room 410 is very comfortable and has a huge comfortable king-size bed. On the night I stayed there I was even tucked in nicely by the late Miss Mary Lake and woke up around 4 a.m. to find myself puzzled by how it could possibly be. That is one strong ghost to lift me at over 300 pounds. Our room was very clean and tidy and I am sure that is how Miss Mary Lake likes to keep it.

The bathroom is huge and has been totally updated to modern facilities. One thing that I did notice was that there did not seem to be any sort of air conditioning. Since it was cold outside we just opened a few windows so that was fine but in the hotter months, I do not know how good that would be.

The halls and stairways of the hotel are pretty amazing simply for the fact that you can almost imagine how life was there in the late 1800s because all the decor complements the hotel perfectly.

One thing you will notice about the second floor is the seating areas and it is said that you may even be able to feel a ghost sitting next to you and the cold temperature change as well.

This by far was one of the most unique hotels that I have ever stayed in and if you decide to go stay then try to stay in suite 410 as it will be a very comfortable stay indeed. Also do not forget to take the chance and do the Ghost Hunt on one of the nights as well.

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