Daily Gather is located on the Main Green of the City Centre in Houston, TX, and boasts the slogan “A place to share” over the main entrance. The restaurant is a great escape from the suburbs and has a small New York feel throughout.

Entrance of Daily Gather restaurant. | Diana Lopez

Daily Gather can be a great place to have lunch with coworkers or have a delightful brunch with friends. The restaurant is pretty big with full patio seating outside plus a full bar for additional seating. The inside was nicely decorated with various walls having different textures and colors. The table for two had very comfortable chairs. The Daily Gather is very eye appealing and you feel like you are being pampered by the restaurant.

We had a party of 7 and we were accommodated nicely. All of us could fit on one side of the table for a group picture. The restaurant allows for a beautiful backdrop for photos worthy of social media.

Group picture of the ladies eating at Daily Gather restaurant. | Diana Lopez

Our kind waitress came by and delivered the menus. We were excited that it was the brunch menu. I mean who does not LOVE breakfast?! We decided to order mimosas under the brunch cocktails called the Social Mosa. We ordered the grapefruit and pineapple flavors. They arrived in a beautiful golden carafe caddy with four glasses of each flavor of mimosa. We dived right into the drinks. I chose pineapple and it was mildly sweet and bubbly. When I finished I poured some of the grapefruit and found it was more on the tart side. Both were actually really nice, I would have preferred it to be more on the stronger side of alcohol but to each their own.

After a few minutes, our huge Ultimate Brunch arrived like a Sofia Vergara entrance. It was grand and had that WOW factor. The Ultimate brunch is a large breakfast board. The amazing French toast came with maple syrup and chipotle honey sauce, fresh fruit, soft scramble eggs, and deviled eggs with the crispiest bacon you have ever had. It also had country sausage, breakfast potatoes, chicken tenders, chocolate donuts, and a huge biscuit to share. Everything was delicious except for two things. One was the chicken tenders. These were way overcooked and totally inedible which is a shame. The second one I could do without was the deviled eggs. Now it is not so much I do not like deviled eggs it’s more about the horseradish taste to them. However, if you like the taste of that then you’ll love these. The board was more than enough for all 7 of us. We basically left it clean minus the chicken tenders.

Not too long after our individual orders arrived. Annie enjoyed the smoked Salmon Benedict and she said, “Poached egg was perfect and she loved the potatoes!”

Smoked Salmon Benedict at Daily Gather | Diana Lopez

Yuly’s cheese bacon Benedict was as she described it “just okay. I’ve had better. The potatoes were actually better.” She orders it when it’s on the menu so she has had her fair share of eggs Benedict all over Houston and Katy.

Cheese Bacon Benedict at Daily Gather | Diana Lopez

Nanette asked for steak & blue cheese salad. She said that “Blue cheese dressing is my go-to. The steak was tender and served hot, a good compliment to the blue cheese dressing and blue cheese crumbles ( which was my favorite part. Lol. ) and the bacon was the right amount of saltiness to round out the salad.”

Steak & blue cheese salad at Daily Gather | Diana Lopez

Vanessa requested the truffle fries and rotisserie chicken club. She felt it had a “mediocre flavor and the truffle fries were the best part.”

Truffle fries and rotisserie chicken club at Daily Gather

Jennifer and I ordered the avocado toast. She added a side of grits. Jennifer thought the grits were disappointing. The avocado toast was good but pretty basic.

The avocado toast at Daily Gather | Diana Lopez

I feel that the person who out-ordered all of us was Gail. Gail ordered a garden omelet with a side of smoked Gouda grits. Gail said, “the grits were a little dry and super solid because of the Gouda.” The lemon hollandaise really made the omelet. The end of the omelet did not have it and it was not the same without it.” Gail was sweet to share her omelet with all of us. After taking a bite, I regretted my avocado toast, lol.

Garden omelet with a side of smoked Gouda grits at Daily Gather

All in all, we had an amazing time enjoying each other’s company. With busy lives and busy families, it was nice to slow down at the Daily Gather in City Centre.