Best Happy Hour!

Strolling through the historic downtown district of Boulder Colorado I noticed a small Sushi eatery named Hapa Sushi. Their outdoor patio was full (at the time I walked in) and figured that was a good sign as to what was in store food wise. It was about 4pm and I hadn’t had a single thing to eat all day long so I decided to stop in.

As it turns out, the reason the place was busy outdoors was because of their Happy Hour prices. Their Happy Hour runs from 2:30pm – 5:30pm daily and I was just in time! Having the hefty appetite from driving all day was sure to be cured here at Hapa Sushi.

First item up, and my favorite, the Ginger Pork Gyoza which is a pork based potsticker. These are what first attracted me to the restaurant. I noticed a few people out on the patio with these on their table and they looked very good so that was what sealed the deal for me. Priced $3.50 (normally $6) for a full order of five is a great deal. I could easily have made a meal out of just ordering these back to back.

The next item up for me was the waiter’s choice of the Colorado Style Hamachi. This Yellowtail Sashimi was served with fresh jalapeños, yuzu soy and cilantro. Garnished with a couple of cucumber slices and some shredded daikon. This Hamachi was a close second as far as my favorites go. The yellowtail was VERY good. wow. And for the record even though I’m hispanic I took the jalapeños off. Lol. There was still a little bit of jalapeño juice on the fish in order to add a hint of spice which was nice and not overwhelming. This was the most expensive item I ordered today at $8.75 (normally $16.50).

Crispy Seared Ahi Tuna encrusted with with crushed Japanese rice crackers, seared and served with Asian slaw and a sweet chili sauce. I think the Ahi Tuna was good but the crushed Japanese rice crackers took it to another level. I had never had them before and was surprised as to how well they complimented the Ahi Tuna.

Sushi chefs knocking every order out as quickly as possible. Wait time on food was very impressive and the presentation was spot on.

Shumai, steam shrimp dumplings. Another good small item to enjoy. Not quite as good as the Ginger Pork Gyoza but still tasteful.

Probably the least favorite item I ordered was the Thai Style Chicken Skewers. They’re skewers of chicken marinated with thai seasonings then grilled over an open flame. Not my favorite and I probably would forgo this choice the next time I’m here. I just wasn’t as impressed with this dish as I was with the rest of the items I ordered.

As I mentioned earlier, I was starving when I visited Hapa Sushi! This Happy Hour Menu they have is AWESOME. All 5 dishes I ordered above and a soft drink ran me $28 total. This meal with normal prices would have ran $53. Talk about a bargain! No wonder why this restaurant had a packed patio at 4pm on a weekday.

Location: Hapa Sushi