I traveled to NYC solo in April 2010 and I looked for the most interesting and most memorable hotel I could find. After looking for awhile I came across The Jane which states to have the smallest hotel rooms in all of NYC. I was hooked and very excited because as a photographer I knew this place would make for a great photo op for my friends back home to see.

The rooms don’t have their own bathroom/shower so don’t expect to get that. instead there is a community washroom with individual bathroom and shower stalls. A bit of an inconvenience but something I did not have a problem with at all.

After all of the photos I have taken on this trip the one that gets the most comments from my friends and family are the ones of my hotel room here at The Jane! Hilarious. hehe.

I cut the day short as I had a Blue October concert to go to that night. I met up with a friend of mine from Houston, Brent Delahoussaye which was also in town for the same concert and I got a second tour around the city via a limo with him and his group of friends that are originally from the NY/NJ area. As soon as I told my new found east coast friends about my small hotel room they said we had to get a photo of all of us in the room at the end of the night! So after the concert and after closing the bars down (which I did not know was at 4am! wow!) here we all are… including our limo driver at 6am the next morning! Crazy Night!!! Good Times!! =)

I paid about $99 a night and that is probably the cheapest you’ll find anywhere in NYC. They even have double occupancy rooms which come with bunk beds so you can get 2 people per room. =)

If your are into having a good time, having fun and experiencing new and exciting things then I would definitely suggest The Jane. I had a blast and the photos of myself in the room have remained a conversation piece until this day!

Location: The Jane Hotel