Via Flaminia Helados has some of the best ice cream I have ever tasted and I just can not stop thinking about it when I watch this video. Creamy…Creamy…Creamy is the key word when trying to describe this cold bundle of goodness.

After a long day of shooting video we all wanted something cold and creamy but we simply could not decide if we wanted to go eat at the well known Freddo Ice Cream chain or try this ice cream shop we happen to just pass. Could it be possible that we found this jewel on our way to Freddo? The only right decision was to try both so we had to grab a scoop. There is a certain feeling of pride when you know after the first taste that you made a great life changing decision. I will hold the bar very high for the rest of my ice cream eating life. The bar is set at Via Flaminia Helados of course.

Location: Via Flaminia