Robert takes a Tango lesson in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Tango and Tango studio from Natalia Fossati and Juan Pablo Guerri. Robert’s first lesson only solidifies his urge to become a true Tango Superstar one day. One of the greatest things about this lesson was we had the chance to see how dancing the Tango brought smiles to the faces of all involved.

You simply can not go to Buenos Aires, Argentina without taking a Tango lesson at some point on the trip. Since Robert happened to be the guy with the best dancing feet we talked him into taking a lesson and letting us film it. We met up with Juan Pablo Guerri and Natalia Fossati at their dance studio and they were gracious enough to let us film Robert’s full lesson of almost two full hours. Natalia and Pablo are such great instructors and such very nice people but above that they gave us all the treat of getting the opportunity to actually see what Tango is all about.

If you are in Buenos Aires, Argentina you simply owe it to yourself to go and take a lesson at Tango and Tango with Natalia and Pablo and you are sure to have a wonderful and fun time just like we did. Nice moves Robert!

Location: Tango & Tango