What is Top This Place and where will we go from here?

My name is Daniel and I am currently 34 years old. I grew up in Houston, Texas and decided in 2010 that I would spend the rest of my lifetime visiting as many cities as possible. I want to not only visit places but I want to live in them for short periods of time if possible so I can get a true idea of how people in those cities live. I am a big fan of just about any travel or food blog known because I love to read about it all.

I have had some experience shooting video and editing video content so I decided that I would document my travels over the remainder of my lifetime. My hopes were that for years to come the videos and picture would help me remember all the people I met along the way as well as remind me of some of the great places I traveled to and lived in.

The first trip would be to Buenos Aires, Argentina so I told one of my best friends named Robert and my favorite cousin Matt about my plans to go in January 2011. Before you knew it we were planning our trip to our first destination and hoping we could all get enough time off from our day jobs to go. As I write this we have recently returned from our first trip and it was a blast. I will never forget this trip that Matt and Robert made possible through their enormous efforts to bring back the experience of living in Buenos Aires. I would also like to thank all the wives for being so understanding throughout the time we were gone on our trip.

As we explore this world we hope to meet many new people along the way and make some great friends. We plan to eat at places that are recommended and also as many places off the path as possible. During our travels we will film as much as possible and shoot pictures of everything else for everyone reading the articles we write. We are not food critics or chefs so please take everything we say as opinion and please do not take our comments too seriously because we are just having fun.

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina