El Patio at Mason is made up of a mixture of delicious food trucks and food trailers that have permanently made themselves at home at this Katy food truck yard. This well-lit area is children, pet, and family-friendly all in a single food truck park.

Food trucks and food trailers at El Patio at Mason food truck yard

Katy, Texas is growing up and out so fast. I love how diverse it’s becoming. We found this secret food spot on Mason Road. This place is so hidden you can hardly see this colony of food trucks and vendors from the street. Trust me you will miss it. Parking is scarce so you will have to be early or be patient.

Honestly, we had zero ideas what we were expecting. Daniel had one thing on his mind, a hotdog! He sent me a link to a hotdog place not knowing it was inside El Patio on Mason. I looked it up while on our way. To our surprise, it was tucked behind other businesses in a back parking lot. We waited patiently for a parking spot to open before walking over. El Patio at Mason was bright and super clean. The vendor’s vibes were warm and friendly. Everyone, there was having a great time.

Dtodito Venezuelan Food Truck at El Patio at Mason

We walked around the entire path of the vendors and checked out the menus. It’s not huge but there is a great variety. Some kiosks were selling candy, cake, and trinkets for kids.

Kiosks selling trinkets for kids at El Patio at Mason

One food truck that caught my son’s eye was one called VFingers. VFingers food truck had assorted menu items from Venezuelan fried chicken, milkshakes, empanadas, churros, and more. I wanted to try a milkshake. There were so many desired flavors to be had, I’ll have to try it next time.

VFingers food truck El Patio Mason road
VFingers food truck at El Patio at Mason food truck park

I couldn’t pass up their churros. My son ordered 12 of them to share. Although the churros looked great and tasted pretty good, I was disappointed that they were not hot.

VFingers food truck churros

Churros taste so much better hot in my personal opinion. We should have asked to warm them up. At least we’ll know next time.

Diego trying the VFingers food truck churros

The food truck that diverted my attention was Grill 72. I used the QR code to look at their menu. I saw Grill 72 served Choripán. I have never had it but my husband went on a trip to Argentina back in 2011. He did an El Rey Choripán video and ate one. I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to try it because it seemed like it would be delicious.

So we ordered, an order of street corn and a 15 cm Choripán. A Choripán at Grill 72 is a French baguette sandwich with grilled chorizo, pico de gallo shredded aged cheese, and a delicious chimichurri sauce. I tell you it exceeded my expectations. The food did take time but if I can wait for my order at a Whataburger well then I can wait for this. The choripan came out first, so at first glance, I thought oh perfect size but there was a problem. I was sharing it with Daniel and my son. I cut it three ways. It was the best thing I’ve had this year so far! I immediately had to order it again. Daniel wanted me to try other foods but it was too late my mind was made up.

Later on, the street corn came out and it didn’t disappoint. The corn itself I thought was bigger than the average size and Grill 72 had seasoned it well. We each enjoyed our piece.

Grill 72 street corn at El Patio Mason road

Soon after we then decided to try out Caramba Street Food next. My husband wanted a hot dog from Caramba Street Food truck. I always think of a hot dog as being typical snack food. You WILL NOT get that at Caramba Street Food. The guys ended up ordering the Street Dog and a Bacon Cheeseburger.

Caramba Food Truck El Patio at Mason Food Truck park

This Street Dog is massive! I hope the photos capture it all here. It had bacon and onion mixed with ham, sweet corn, shredded potato sticks, ketchup, mustard, and tartar sauce.

The Street Dog at Caramba Food Truck

Daniel thoroughly enjoyed it and it calmed his craving. After he finished it he said it was “good because it had a lot of flavors with a great aftertaste. I could see craving one from time to time. I liked the potato sticks crunch.” I am happy he got his hotdog fix.

Street dog at Caramba Food Truck

My son and I cut the burger into 4 parts. I had one and it was tasty and the meat was juicy. It was a fine burger if you have a picky eater.

After they enjoyed their meals, it was Choripán time! I feel like the little bit I got was just a tease. This time I ordered the 30 cm Choripán and I was going to share.

Ordering Choripán at Grill 72 food truck

This beauty came out in all its glory!! It was cut in half with the hot grilled glistening chorizo sausage. You can tell that Grill 72 has pride in their food. Believe me, the 15 cm size would have sufficed but since I had to share I had to go big on the next one.

Choripán at Grill 72 food truck el patio mason

Naturally, neither my son nor I could finish our half. We grabbed a to-go box for Daniel to have the next day.

Enjoying Choripán at Grill 72 food truck El Patio Mason

We had a great time coming across this gem. Enjoying good food and watching the families spend time with one another outdoors at El Patio on Mason in Katy, Texas.