Home Slice Pizza is located in the Midtown area of Houston, TX and serves up authentic New York style pizza by the slice or the pie. The Austin, TX based pizza restaurant decided to open in Houston and we are happy they did.

Home Slice Pizza located in Midtown area of Houston, TX

This time we were visiting the Houston Latino Film Festival and spending the day with our son. He wanted to see what it was all about. The traffic was nonexistent for a pleasant Sunday. We parked in a garage across the street from Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston. As I was driving around, my son noticed a bright red sign that read Home Slice Pizza. He excitedly pointed it out, Home Slice Pizza.

Home Slice Pizza of Houston, TX

We reached the theater, got our tickets, and waited. We had arrived 30 minutes early and Diego’s stomach reminded him of the pizza that was just down the block and he asked if we could quickly go and have a slice. As we walked up, there was a side order window facing the street.

Home Slice Pizza Midtown Houston order window

We ordered two slices. I ordered a pepperoni and mushroom slice. My son ordered a Sicilian Pepperoni. We ended up looking around at this sweet-looking pizza place. The inside and outside were creatively decorated.

There was more seating outside than inside. I looked at the menu and there were many drink options. I was craving a beer with my pizza, but we were short on time.

Home Slice Pizza Houston Texas outside seating

Diego loved the Sicilian pizza. He said the crust was soft on the inside and had a crunchy texture on the outside.

Home Slice Pizza the Sicilian

I enjoyed the taste of my pepperoni and mushroom pizza slice, it was thin and not too salty.

Home Slice Pizza the Pepperoni and Mushroom

We quickly ate and headed back to the film festival. After viewing the short films, guess who was still hungry? Yup! The teenager. Daniel ended up meeting us to enjoy the beautiful weather in Midtown. We spoke so highly of the Home Slice Pizza that he wanted to try it too. We walked back and ordered more. Diego was in heaven with the Sicilian pizza. This time I asked for the same. I would agree it was a treat.

Home Slice Pizza Outside Artwork

We got a kick out of the statues and the decor around Home Slice Pizza. All the more reason why to enjoy Midtown.

Home Slice Pizza Outside Statues
Daniel touching a pie at Home Slice Pizza

Home slice Pizza is a nice place to enjoy a slice of NY style pizza in the Houston area.