The Standard is a great place to find organic, vegetarian, vegan, and local items for your pantry, fridge, or to fill your stomach. Brooklyn Standard Deli offers up a wide variety of locally sourced goods, vegetarian and vegan friendly sandwiches, and other essentials you’d hope to find at the local corner store.

The Standard is so much more then just a corner store though, in that it offers up fresh and healthy menu items that are made to order as well as focusing on locally sourced natural and organic products. Many of the items you’ll find stocked on the shelves of this grocery shop are made right here in Brooklyn.

While checking out the products on the shelves, I had myself a “BQE” made to order. The sandwiches at this shop are all references to something local. The BQE is named after the expressway that’s near by joining Brooklyn to Queens.

I got myself a nice naturally brewed rootbeer to go along with my sandwich, and made my way to the park just a block away to sit down and enjoy my meal.

The BQE is homemade hummus, tomato, cucumber, pickled red cabbage, romaine lettuce and birds eye chili drizzle on grilled foccacia bread. Its a veggie sandwich that puts some meat sandwiches to shame. While, it wasn’t as hearty or big as I’d hoped, it was very filling and incredibly tasty.

While, I opted for the vegetarian BQE on this day, there are a variety of other menu items that include meats if you so desire. Personally though, I’d stay away from some of the meat sandwiches, as they’re not as impressive as their vegan or vegetarian counterparts and seem to be lacking in inspiration. The French Dip is an example of this.

Overall, I’d recommend Brooklyn Standard Deli if you’re in the mood for a great veggie sandwich. Especially if you’re looking to purchase locally sourced goods, or vegan friendly meals as this is their specialty.

Location: Brooklyn Standard Deli