Mmmm Seafood!

Taking a walk in historic Charleston SC can leave one pretty hungry and being this close to the coast I had to have some seafood for lunch. I came across Hyman’s Seafood Co. on Meeting St and apparently this specific location has been a Hyman establishment since 1890. Wow.

It was originally a Dry Goods Store but later became a restaurant in 1987, so even at that they’ve been in the restaurant business for nearly 30 years. One tell tale sign that you’re in the South is having Complimentary Boiled Peanuts on the menu. I’m not a fan of boiled peanuts but I know plenty of people that grew up in the deep South that just love them. So much in fact that they’ll have them shipped back to Texas from their favorite hot spots thoughout the South.

I chose to go with the Charleston Lump Crab Cake Sandwich which sounded really good.

Hyman’s has two sides of the restaurant. They have the main sit down dining area under the name Hyman’s Seafood Co. and then they have a bar area named Hyman’s Half Shell. I opted to dine in the Half Shell portion of the restaurant as it’s much more casual and offered seating at their full bar.

The building itself is a treat to see. Hard to imagine how much history these walls have witnessed and heard over the 100+ years it’s stood here.

I was delighted once my food arrived but I was quickly bummed out. I was looking forward to having my sandwich on a Kaiser Roll as the menu stated but instead I got a generic, run of the mill , grocery store style hamburger bun. Not cool. Guess they were all out of Kaiser Rolls.

The crab cakes were a great size and they were packed with lump crab meat. They certainly don’t skimp on the carb meat portions which is a great thing for us consumers! Still bummed about the missing Kaiser Roll so I ended up eating the lump crab cakes individually without the bun. The onion rings and hushpuppies were also very good, I love me some good ole fashioned home made hushpuppies and these left me wanting more.

So if you’re in Charleston SC and have a craving for some Crab Cakes give Hyman’s Seafood Co. a try. If you choose the same sandwich I did hopefully they’lll have some Kaiser Rolls on hand.

Location: Hyman’s Seafood