We are once again on a road trip. We find ourselves in Amarillo TX. We pass through Amarillo 1-2 times a year and have been looking for some place good to stop and eat. And NO we are not stopping to eat a 72 oz steak at Big Texan! Oh where to eat? My guidelines for eating while traveling is first ask a local and then see how many cars are in the parking lot.

So our choice for lunch is a local place called Coyote Buff Café, as it passed both of those guidelines. It is 11:00 am (just opened) and the parking lot is filling fast (this is a good sign). They only have 12 tables! We are able to get a table but had we been 5 minutes later, we would have had to wait. This place is funky! Burgers are the main item, on the menu. I order the green chili stew and onion rings and Terry orders the “Burger from Hell” and a cup of Texas Red Chili.

My green chili stew is thick, good amount of meat and lots of green chili’s. It has a nice flavor but not hot at all. (hello, it is green chili, not red chili, so nice and mild). The onion rings are average.The red Chili is good.

Terry’s Burger from Hell on the other hand is amazing.It is not hot, (which is surprise) we both rate it a 6-6.5 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the hottest). What makes this burger special is the fabulous favor. It is layered with Tabasco, Coyote Hell sauce and Grilled jalapeno’s. That layering of heat is just amazing.

It has just the right amount of each “spice”, to make a quite complex flavor in the mouth. Not too hot, but the mingling of flavors makes for one GREAT burger. We will be stopping by on our next trip. The best part is, it is only a couple of blocks off of I40.

Great place to stop just off I 40 in Amarillo,TX.

Location: Coyote Bluff Cafe