The Breakfast Klub is one of Houston’s edible landmarks – it’s even featured in one of the scenes of a local news station’s commercials! Everyone who’s been salivates at the very mention of its name, and the poor souls who haven’t only know they HAVE to go there eventually. It’s famous for their ubiquitous Wings & Waffles and their Katfish & Grits. Even celebrities of caliber like Beyonce pay homage to our hometown favorite.

Do NOT be discouraged by the line that wraps around the parking lot – and more often than not on weekends – down towards the back of the building: this is just a testament of how long everyone will patiently wait their turn to buy and eat a small slice of heaven. No matter the season, your wait in line is usually pretty pleasant. Waiting in line on a sweltering morning (As so many of them are here in Houston)? No fear, there are water coolers shaded alongside you under the trail of temporary canopies. A bit nippy outside? There’s heater trees and coffee for you. There are greeters outside who go down the line to say hi to everyone and to give (and explain, if needed) the menu. On especially busy days, they may even take your order when you get inside the doors to help expedite the process. They are amazingly helpful and even helped me jump my car one day! They have a wonderful relationship with all their regulars, excited to greet the newbies, and even the owner, Marcus Davis, is always out and about the restaurant. He is a key player in the community as an active alum of Texas Southern University.

Every time I go here, I HAVE to get their wings at the very least (because you absolutely must) and french toast, which I prefer personally over the waffle. I’ve tried some of their entrees that are pretty good – the grits are so buttery! – but you always stick to your guns! My friends usually get the Wings & Waffle, and with any initial visit it is usually forced upon them.. not that they mind! This is a coffee shop and I’ve had their hot chocolate once, but my allegiance lies with the wings, and that’s what you should come here for.

Six gloriously, perfectly fried wings stare up at you from your plate. The first bite always elicits happy groans around the table: a wonderful, slight crunch gives way to the juicy chicken. The seasoning is as perfect as one can hope – full of flavor, but not overwhelming so. The waffle/french toast couples surprisingly well, cutting the savory with a punch of sweet, syrupy relief. All condiments and fountain drinks are self serve, and the staff will deliver your food to you.

If you are ever in the Houston area – or live here and haven’t gone – please go as soon as possible to The Breakfast Klub! Their koffee and seasoning is even for sale now to take home to add to your repetoire. I promise you, you won’t forget the experience!

Location: The Breakfast Klub