Plan your trip now to The Butchers Son!

The Butcher’s Son is finally rolling! They have been teasing us for weeks with menu items and now I have had some! They did not show up with good food but with game too! Guy’s you did yourself proud. I arrived early hoping to get some shots of the truck before it was consumed with people in line. I did succeed with that. I was the third to arrive. Now for all of you who have been following The Butcher’s Son on twitter know that the first 25 people get a free entrée and a wristband for discounts for the next year. But no that was not enough; they handed out reusable bags and t-shirts too. But do you know what that doesn’t even matter. What matters is the food. SO how did they do???

They had us all riled up and ready for them to open. Cook warned us he had never cooked before so just be warned. (We all knew that was not true as with all the teases on preparing the menu that we have had on Facebook). And he is sorry but the fryer is not working! Everyone in line has all been looking at the menu trying to decide what to order. Now when they open at 11:00 promptly they start taking the order. Food seems to be flying out those windows. (Yeah right, he has not practiced this). I order a Sergeant Pepper which is a stuffed bell pepper stuffed with brown rice, Italian sausage, tomato fresh onion, garlic and Mozzarella. I have been wanting this since they posted it as a teaser! Now this was ready before I could make it to the pickup window. It is full of flavor, good sausage, and is a Great Stuffed Pepper. BUUUT…..

What you didn’t think I ordered just one thing did you? No, not me, I had to have the Santa Fe Sunset. Sausage lovers, this is one sandwich that you will dream about. I am having a dream already and I haven’t been to sleep. What you want details….maybe I will just keep this one to myself! Oooopps boss says I have to share it with you if I want to get credit for this review. Ok, Ok, I will share. This is on hoagie roll, and in that roll they place a Chipotle Monterey Jack Chicken Sausage, black bean salsa, fried jalapenos and cilantro! Fresh flavors of the jalapenos and cilantro then the sausage, oooh baby. I see myself setting with the Butcher’s Son Truck out on Grapevine Lake at sunset eating one of these…what could be more perfect. (I mean the truck is right there with me, I can have seconds!) I cannot wait to go back when the fryer is working I want some Lime fries and Black Gold.

Nammi, Gandolfos and Ruthie’s were there too, supporting The Butcher’s Son on their opening day.

Location: The Butcher’s Son