Hey what do you feel should be on the menu tonight? I don’t know somewhere different he answers, well how about that place! We both looked to the right almost breaking our necks because we were that hungry, it read Magili Bakery. We both were drooling just reading the sign, so we did a little Nascar across three lanes to get to the entrance into the shopping mall that housed the salvation for our hunger.

As we walked in there was a lot of seating but the only ones in there was a family of about 5 or 6, but I did read on the sign it closed at 9:00 and we got there about 8:10 so I understood if it was dying down. We walked up to the counter and looked at the menu…hmmmmmm. What to get? We don’t really speak spanish so we didn’t know what half the stuff was up there,so we asked one of the ladies that worked there what there favorites are. I have to be honest it did take a couple of tries for them to understand what we were asking them hahaha.

Ok we got what some suggestions and they are on the order receipt heading to the cook. We ordered for the first round some pupusas which if you think about it like two corn tortillas with cheese and any type of meat you want in between. So we decided on 3 meats which were fajita, chicken, and pork. when they came out we each took one and started feeding the hunger which inhabited our stomachs.

Next we got a Fajita Torta , which is like a sub sandwich but with fajita as your meat. And I have to say after each of us ate a half we couldn’t stop talking about how good it was! Now I am sure tonight I’ll be dreaming fajita tortas and not sharing with anyone ever again hahah.

After we ate all of that wonderful Salvadorian food we still had a spot that the Hunger monster was still acting up in so we looked at each other and made the decision to be a little crazy. So we ordered the Mojarra Frita which translated meant Fried Tilapia, but we didn’t find that out till after we ate it hahah. When it came out man this fish looked scary with its face and scales, it’s a fish I have never saw before in my life. So we took a bite but watching out for the bones. In my opinion I would give this dish a ok because it wasn’t my favorite. It just tasted like a gummy fish, I don’t think I would order it again but it was a good experience.

So with our bellies full and check paid for we couldn’t decide if we wanted some Pan or Sweet Bread. we walked over and looked at what they got, and I could tell you they had a assortment of sweet bread. We were both full so we decided on next time we come in we will try it out.

So that was our little late night food conflict we were in and it looks like it turned out that we made a great decision on were to stop at. Me and my cousin are definitely going back and to all that are in the area should stop in whether it be for food, pan, or just to take a peek at it yourself after reading this review it will be an experience to remember.

Location: Magili Bakery