One of the coolest places we visited in Buenos Aires, Argentina was El Gato Viejo. Carlos Regazzoni of El Gato Viejo in Buenos Aires,  Argentina invites us to his restaurant located in his gallery for a night of food and fun. Carlos Regazzoni is an artist that has gained world recognition for his ability to create fantastic works of art from every possible medium available to him. On this night we had the chance to experience his love of food as well as we had the chance to see just how much his friends and locals love to come and eat and party with him at El Gato Viejo.

In life there are some people that follow rules and there are those that are unique enough to push boundaries and do what they feel like doing. It was nice to meet a man that was creating new stuff and riding the edge of life in excess “Carlos Regazzoni”.

Location: El Gato Viejo