Little Matt’s is a family-friendly restaurant tucked in West University in Houston, Tx, and is an incredible place for adults and kids to have fun. Little Matt’s is every parent, kid, teenager, and pet’s dream. Pets? Yes, you read that right! Even pets are welcome here. Everyone wins when going out to eat at Little Matt’s. On the outside, you can see that it has a happy friendly feel to it. Little Matt’s provides outdoor seating, rays of sunshine, incredible food, and waving American flags. 

As you walk in you are automatically hit with a row of iPads. Genius! We all know children these days are locked into electronics at every chance they get. This is perfect when the battery is running low. Just above the iPads is a wishing wall. You can write down your wish and roll it up. Also, you can find a fun photo booth. I really loved how much personality the restaurant has. 

Displayed by the restrooms is a huge menu along with a variety of magazines. Little Matt’s serves mouth-watering American dishes. You may want to check out their menu beforehand. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted. I wanted to order three different plates, so I really had to narrow it down. My friend Wendy is the awesome person who introduced me to this jaw-dropping establishment. She ordered ahead and I stayed behind gazing at the menu and all the delicious CANDY!! No wonder this is a kids’ paradise. The mission behind Little Matt’s is proudly displayed above their ice cream freezers. 

Wendy told me that here, drinks are complimentary! Did I think why not? I’m out on a friend date, it’s Friday, so why not? I really was craving an icee, but my son wasn’t with me. I decided to save that when I brought him with me next time. Look at all the cups ready to go so when the lunch crowd hits! So I ordered a white wine. I felt very sophisticated having white wine with my friend at West University while we waited for our food.  

Wendy showed me around Little Matt’s. She took me to the backyard. I was surprised at how large it was. There were PLENTY of picnic standard-sized tables. Little Matt’s backs up to a ditch that runs along Edloe Street.  

As our food was being prepared, I looked around the gaming area. They had machines to win prizes, candy, and video arcade games. I was just blown away by how well thought of Little Matt’s is for families.  While kids play, adults can enjoy a beverage and conversation. Note to self, bring cash. 

Our food arrived, and we picked up condiments for our meal. Wendy ordered Classic California Cobb salad. It looked fresh and had me regretting my meal. I thought hmmm…I should’ve ordered something on the healthier side, but those thoughts were quickly forgotten when I took a bite of my fries. On this day, I indulged in the Montecito, CA sandwich with an order of fries. Oh my! The seared chicken with the grilled mushroom was just out of this world. Now the Montecito originally comes on a toasted sourdough bun, but I mixed it up. I read under the burger section of the menu, the buffalo burger comes with a jalapeño bun. So I asked if I could substitute the sourdough bread for the jalapeño bun. The man complimented me on changing it up. I am so glad I did because it was just perfect. The jalapeño bun was not incredibly spicy hot, every now and then you would get a zing of spicy at most. The bun was as soft as a marshmallow. I ate very slowly to enjoy every single bite. 

Little Matt’s literally left a remarkable taste in my mouth. I will definitely be back and will bring my family with me next time so we can enjoy icees and video arcade games.