The feelings I get from Barnaby’s cafe is sophistication with an artsy flare, the food here is a winning bonus. The Barnaby’s I visited was located at 414 WestGray in a quiet and subtle neighborhood. We were greeted by a very polite hostess, who let us know we could sit wherever we like.

The cafe is a good size establishment. It was surprising that it was not packed like most breakfast served places. We sat down and were excited to read the menu. Our waiter was all about business. We placed our drink order, a water for my husband and I. Fresh squeezed orange juice for my son. We asked the Barnaby’s waiter what was his favorite plate was and without hesitation suggested “The green eggs”. I already liked the menu because there are some healthy options to choose from such as whole wheat tortillas and egg whites.

After a few minutes of making an important decision, my husband picked, The green eggs. Which was a huge blow to me because I really wanted that one. I decided to get something different. I asked the waiter what was his second favorite dish on the menu. His answer was Huevos Rancheros. I thought why not! My son ordered of course pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

Our drinks were quickly served. My son oohed and aahed over his orange juice. I stole a sip of his juice to see if it was really freshly squeezed and yes it really was! Boy!! Is it ever fresh!!! It was the freshest and best orange juice I have ever had!! I looked back at the menu to see what other freshly squeezed juices Barnaby’s had to offer and the fresh lemonade jumped out at me! I quickly ordered that and was really looking forward to my fresh drink!! The waiter came back with an empty glass with ice and the fresh lemonade. The lemonade came in what I think is a milk jar. The milk jar was huge!! No refills were needed. It was a divine quench buster!!

Before I could put a dent in my fresh lemonade, our food arrived!! I was overwhelmed how huge the portions are!! What caught my eye was the potatoes!! Me and my hips love potatoes. I was surprised to see the Huevos rancheros because it wasn’t what I expected. The salsa that typically drowns the over easy eggs are on the side in its own container. The whole wheat tortilla was extra large and soft. The potatoes were crisp. I haven’t had a good side of potatoes in a long time.

My son wasted no time pouring his syrup on his package. My husband was quietly eating his meal, trying to stay under the radar I suppose. I think he was trying to keep his dish all to himself. I asked him how was his meal so far. I suppose no words were needed because he took a spoonful and passed it to me. OMG!!! It was so delicious!! The combination of the artichoke and spinach was a match made in heaven.

I was almost disappointed in my dish after having a bit of the green eggs! My meal was accompanied with black beans which made the over easy eggs all the more better. Being the good mother that I am, I helped my son take a few bites from his pancakes because those babies were enormous! I am totally not complaining at all!! Those pancakes did not disappoint at all. My son even had a difficult decision deciding if Barnaby’s pancakes were better or mine. I think he has become quite the pancake expert.

My family and I left Barnaby’s cafe very content and satisfied!! After I finished my meal I gazed up at the ceiling and admired the cute art work painted on the ceiling. We will definitely go back and hopefully for lunch or dinner.

Location: Barnaby’s cafe