Lucille’s restaurant serves Southern food right in the heart of Houston’s Museum district. Owners Chris and Ben Williams named the restaurant after their great-grandmother Lucille B. Smith and boast their dishes as Souther cuisine with global influence.

Lucille’s Souther Food

Living in Houston has its advantages, especially when it comes to food. It is exciting to find something new to try especially with a friend. I sought out a special place that had meaning and a story behind it, and that’s when I found Lucille’s. Lucille’s is a Southern restaurant, that was completely new to me and my friend, Wendy. We were looking forward to a fun outing and a special treat. Wendy acted as my navigator since she is WAY more familiar with the area than I am. Lucille’s is in the perfect spot in Houston, you can find it in the middle of the museum district. It is actually adjacent to the Children’s Museum. Parking was a breeze, if you’re lucky you can park on the street, but if not, a paid parking lot is just across the street! Oh, and don’t forget to take a picture of your parking receipt or bring it inside because you can show the waiter and you’ll receive a five-dollar credit at Lucille’s.

Lucille’s had a traditional feel with a touch of modern art mixed in. Warm colors definitely made you feel comfortable. Modern art decorated the walls and was a lovely touch. You can tell that being in the middle of the Museum District was an influence throughout the whole restaurant.

I couldn’t help myself, but I walked around to enjoy the layout of the restaurant. When I noticed the fireplace and stairs, I realized Lucille’s was once a house. I later found out that Lucille’s opened in 2012 inside a 1923 home. Wow! Considering that this house is 96 years old, it is beautiful and very classy!

The hostess and waiter were quick to bring us a wine and lunch menu. The waiter was very nice and informative. Wendy and I told him that this was our first time inside and I am pretty sure he could tell. Lol! He well-informed us of the grand lady the restaurant is named after. Lucille B. Smith made HER story by accomplishing many firsts! With all that I read about her and her achievements, I definitely understand why her legacy continues. She even has an official day named after her!

After a brief lesson, we ordered San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water. The kind waiter returned and still saw that we were reading all the menu options. He gave us some recommendations and we ordered from that point on. We decided to order three appetizers and share. I wanted her famous chili biscuits because well who doesn’t like a great biscuit? Wendy ordered seared scallops. I had to admit to her I had never had scallops before, so after I picked her jaw up from the table, we had a long conversation about what foods I’d tried and never had. She was not impressed with my list lol! The third appetizer we ordered was fried green tomatoes, again another first for me. I’m glad I had never had scallops and fried green tomatoes before because Lucille’s will be that much more special to me. All three were delicious! Honestly, I could have eaten a lot more of the chili biscuits. The breading was soft, buttery, and savory. The chili did not overpower or take away from the biscuit. It actually reminded me of Mexican Chorizo. The melted cheese on top was an added bonus. The seared scallops were tender and the applewood bacon on top was perfect! It had a crab-like texture and the best flavor. Ok, so my favorite of the three was the fried green tomatoes! From the inside to the outside and the creamy tart goat cheese on top, O M G! Hands down it was delightful and a pleasure to eat! The seasoned cornmeal gave it a little crunch. Again, I probably could have eaten another plate of those. Lucille continues to serve her recipes in style. The high quality and tradition of the food are special like the legendary Lucille herself.