While driving up Highway 1 from San Francisco I noticed a nice little historic town on the water named Mendocinco, CA. I decided to take the exit and look for a place to grab a bite to eat for lunch. There wasn’t too much to choose from but I did spot the Mendocino Cafe so I stopped in.

This one time home was turned into a cafe and one quick glance over the menu I knew I was in a fully organic style cafe. The grass fed beef and free range chickens were a big indicator as to what the cafe had to offer. Right down to the hormone free dairy and free harvested seafood.

For starters, I chose their award winning Clam Chowder. It was very tasty and probably ended up being the highlight of the entire meal. The only down side to being in a fully organic cafe was they didn’t sell traditional mainstream sodas such as Coke or Pepsi. They only carried “botanically brewed” colas. Not a fan.

For my main course, I selected the Thai Burrito which is a burrito made up of rock shrimp, organic vegetables & brown rice in peanut sauce. The burrito was definitely different and maybe others with a more exotic palette would have enjoyed it more but for me, a burger or steak kinda guy it wasn’t my cup of tea. The sweet chili sauce was a nice add as it helps flavor up the burrito a bit which I felt it needed.

I ate about half the sandwich and kinda wished I had just ordered a larger bowl of the Clam Chowder since that was pretty darn good in my opinion.

The outdoor seating area was a big hit. Nice, crisp ocean breeze coming right in off the water which made me wish I had sat outside instead. Oh well. Next time I’m in that neck of the woods I’ll have a large bowl of Clam Chowder right outside.

Locations: Mendocino Cafe