Halibut was AWESOME!

On our time through the Pacific Northwest I felt it was my chance to get my fill of seafood so while being in Port Angeles WA I headed for the water front looking for a place to have lunch. We spotted Kokopelli Grill right off and figured we’d give it a try.

The dining area was much nicer than we expected, plenty of room and we were fortunate enough to arrive just before the lunch crowd.

At first glance of the Lunch Menu both Lesa and I knew exactly what we were going to have. She chose the Grilled Salmon and I chose the Grilled Halibut knowing full well we’d be sampling each other’s food.

The presentation on both dishes was well done and the Grilled Halibut in my opinion was some of the best fish I’ve had on this trip. The fish wasn’t dried out or stale. It tasted as if it had just been pulled out of the local waters that morning. Definitely a major plus!

The Cilantro Rice and Charro Beans were nice sides for this dish. Being from Texas I’m pretty picky on my rice and beans but the chefs here nailed these. Normally after a great tasting serving of fish I normally don’t eat my sides as they tend to diminish the overall experience of the meal but that was not the case. These sides were really good and complimented the meal very well.

Lesa couldn’t stop raving about her Grilled Salmon either. She’s a fan of Salmon and has had it several times while on this trip and on occasion I could notice a grimace in her face after her first bite signifying that the Salmon was less than average. Here at Kokopelli Grill after she took her first bite her eyes lit up and gave me the nod telling me it was good.

The fact that Lesa loved the Salmon made me realize it will now be harder for me to sneak a bite in and try it for myself. She was equally intrigued to see how my Grilled Halibut tasted so it was a fair trade. In this case I think both of us chose winners.

If you’re a wine lover this place will win bonus points for you. They had a huge selection of locally sourced wines from various wineries. Had we been here for dinner I’m sure we would have tried a bottle.

Not knowing anything about the Kokopelli Grill we were very pleased as to how good their food really was. The Grilled Halibut and Salmon is some of the best we’ve had on our Pacific Northwest trip and would highly recommend a visit if you’re in the neighborhood.

Location: Kokopelli Grill