Décor: Day of the Dead goes trendy.

Atmosphere: Dark (bring a flashlight to read the menu dark) and extremely loud with no rowdy customers; just an annoying din that never stopped.

We were told that it would be a 30 minute wait. Really? I look around and I can see 8 tables that have no one seated at them??? There is really no place to wait and bar is full. Finally someone leaves and we are able to stand at the bar between others on bar stools and order drinks. Service at the bar was not good. Getting anyone’s attention was almost impossible. When you step up to the bar you expect to have your order taken. I had to ask to place an order. Then when our table was ready, I had to wait 5 minutes to close my tab out before I could go to be seated with my husband. House Margaritas were pretty good. I didn’t intend to order a house version but I did since I was not given any other choices. No I did not ask, but usually most bars try to up sell you to a better and more costly margarita. Not bad for a $4.00 margarita. What made it so good was the chili salt on the rim. YUMMY.

The House Salsa is a green sauce. It is killer. It has an avocado base that is spicy and smooth and the chips are fresh, warm & crispy. Oh the menu you can order a Salsa Trio with your choice of three salsas. They have 5 special salsas plus the house salsa that comes with your complimentary chips. At $5, it’s the best bargain on a higher priced menu.

Pozole Verde is a great soup. Usually when you order pozole it is red. This one has a green chili broth and is full of bay scallops and shrimp with really delicious hominy. I could just eat it and be very satisfied. Seemed reasonably priced at $7.00

Taco Plate is three tacos of your choice (they have 8) with rice and beans. And just so you know if you choose the fish taco they will add 1-3.00 to the price of the plate. And if you don’t want beans and rice too bad, they will not substitute for any of the other sides even though they cost the same.

Stacked Enchiladas has fresh grilled vegies stacked between layers of 4” size corn tortillas with a ranchero sauce and drizzled with a chipotle cream. That was it all I got for $12.00

The overall dining experience was not pleasant. I felt like everyone I came in contact with was either lazy, didn’t care or was angry. It was kind of like walking in the door and being told they were going to do things their way and if you don’t like, too bad, go somewhere else. Hey, this ain’t Burger King but at least there I can have it my way and quick!

Location: Wild Salsa