Tucked in between two shops the Essence House Cafe is charming as can be. Founded in 2007, they very authentic and fit in well with their surroundings in the small town of Fulshear, TX. Upon entering the first thing that caught my eye were the wonderful pieces of chalk art work that lined the walls. Some were renditions of famous masterpieces and other original works but each had its own specific beauty. This is a welcome surprise and definitely sets The Essence House apart from your run of the mill cafe.

We took our seats, it’s self seating, and were greeted promptly. I ordered one of their famed espresso drinks and I was not disappointed. It came to me piping hot and full of robust flavor. I felt as if I could dive into the velvety goodness in my cup. I love coffee, espresso, and generally any type of caffeinated beverage so this was a big plus for me.

Sweet and Savory should be their motto because that is all I can think when looking over the expansive menu. They serve everything from homestyle favorites to Belgian waffles made with your choice of batter. One tidbit that makes them amazing is that they serve breakfast all day. Who doesn’t love breakfast food for dinner? I decided that’s what I’d have and settled on chocolate chip pancakes. My comrade decided on a lunchtime classic the turkey club.

Our food came out within fifteen minutes and I was overjoyed with how attentive the waitstaff turned out to be. And the food itself – it was incredible. My pancakes were light and fluffy with just the right amount of chocolate chips swirled into the batter. I wholeheartedly enjoyed every bite. As for her turkey club, she was impressed by the balance of flavors and would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a classic meal. We opted out of dessert being too stuffed but another table ordered a tres leches cake that looked divine.

This humble cafe tucked neatly in a row of other businesses on the Main Street of a small town is exactly what you are picturing. They were nice, friendly, and the food was fantastic. Check them out on Facebook and at their website here. I’ll be returning soon.

Location: The Essence House Cafe