Stiles Switch has an interesting name and a very cool style to it. The second you open the big metal door, the smell of BBQ hits you in the face. Its a good size restaurant with plenty of seating even during the lunch rush. I decided to try the BBQ brisket along with an all beef sausage.

For the sides I went with mac-n-cheese and their corn casserole. The brisket was tender and juicy with a good smokey flavor to it and a nice char on the outside. The sausage wasn’t quite the same. The outside was a little overdone which made it tough to cut into and once you got inside it was fairly forgettable. A friend of mine was there and tried their jalapeno sausage and said it was good. A little mild on the spice, but good. I’ll have to try that next time. The mac-n-cheese was cheesy and cooked very well. The corn casserole was great, but needed some seasoning to take it over the top. They had a few dessert items that looked great but I couldn’t pull myself to order one after all the food I ate. They have a good selection of local beer on tap and in the bottle along with your common beers you can find everywhere.

All in all I would definitely go back and try some other items on the menu. The gentleman in front of me ordered a “pork steak” that looked unreal. I’ll be trying that next time and possibly some chicken.

Location: Stiles Switch BBQ