Finding good pie in the Dallas area is difficult; when was the last time you had a good pie, made the old fashioned way like your mother and her mother would make? Even better, a pie that takes the time old traditions and add a modern twist and unique blend of flavors?

As for The Emporium Pop-Up Pie Shop, seriously don’t go… To 314 N. Bishop on Monday (02/20/2012), because they will be gone  and you will be  sad. I am sad and it is not even Monday! You only have tomorrow to grab a bite of 3 very yummy pies. Why a pop-up pie shop? To test the market, why else? To make those of us who got a taste want more! This is the first step to fulfill a dream of two girls who like to bake pies. They are taking a timeless tradition, from their mother and grandmother and carrying it on, by baking pies. But these gals are putting a twist with modern touches.

This pop-up Emporium began with an idea and a small space to set up in on Wednesday and in just 3 days, they transformed a building into a temporary pie shop. Now the planning for all this has been in the works, or they would not have pulled it off so well. Thought was put into the branding, the containers the pie would be served in, and the utensil would be that you are eating it with.

They took an old building and did amazing things to make it just as cute as there pies. And I am sure, that come tomorrow when they close the doors they will take a moment to collapse from all the baking and decorating, then be on their way to a new Pie shop.

The writing on the sidewalk, even told you what to expect.

Today they are offering three different pies, Drunken Nut, Bro-Nana, and Smooth Operator.

I have to admit I was apprehensive with the Bro-Nana. It is Pecan with bananas. But I should not have worried as this was a very nice experience. Pleasant, smooth, banana, with a butter caramel flavor then topped with pecans. Crust was above standard, and certainly did not compare to others here in Dallas.

Smooth Operator, let me just say, quality CHOCOLATE and pretzel crust! Smooth and creamy and bold it would make any chocolate lover smile big time. My chocolate lover sure did like it.

Next up was the Drunken Nut. I am just going to say now, I am partial to pies with bourbon in them. And I am Partial to this Drunken Nut pie. Reminded me of the old traditional “Derby Pie”, but not too sweet and just the right touch of bourbon.

Megan Wilkes and Mary Gauntt had a wish to open a pie store in Dallas. AND they made that dream come true, even if only for two days. But I am sure based on the pies I tasted today, they will be back very soon and be open every day. But if you can’t wait for their dream of a permanent storefront to come true either (or you missed the opportunity this weekend to indulge yourself in one, or all, of their scrumptious pie creations), you do have an opportunity to order an entire pie from their website. 2019 Update, The Emporium Pies has gotten rave reviews and has multiplied into two locations in Dallas. 

Location #1: The Emporium

Location #2: The Emporium