On rainy days I love Mexican food, may be because it’s always so filling or because it always tastes fresh and hot, either way it was a perfect day to try out this Mexican restaurant I had been hearing about from friends for weeks. Just a short drive from Katy into Richmond, TX, Buena Vista Mexican Restaurant is located in the heart of this wonderful little town.

It wasn’t a bad drive and when I got there I was seated right away, wherever I liked. I decided to get some queso and guacamole to start because they are, in my mind, staples in this kind of meal. Both were great and the portions were significantly bigger than I had expected. I munched on the perfectly crisp tortilla chips and hot queso while I looked over their massive menu. They had all sorts of wonderful sounding dishes from everyone’s favorite quesadillas to roasted quail. I finally chose to dive into the fajitas. I like fajitas because they are really versatile and the way they are served says a lot about the restaurant.

After a very short wait I was presented with my feast of chicken and beef fajitas piled high with green peppers and onions. I was equally impressed by the sides I was given – fresh pico de gallo, lettuce, rice, charro beans (that were amazing), and guacamole. In keeping with their homestyle feel, the portions on my entree were just as hearty. After indulging in my meal, probably way too much, I was wholly satisfied. My server was very attentive and brought my check right away but not before offering a dessert which I respectfully declined. This is my only regret, and a piece of advice for those who try this wonderful little place out – save room for sopapillas! I saw them at another table and they looked so scrumptious.

I would definitely venture back to this restaurant when I’m looking for a comforting meal full of spice and savory smells. It was a great experience! If you want to learn more about Buena Vista check them out on Facebook.

Location: Buena Vista Mexican Restaurant