We headed to French Quarter Cajun Seafood this afternoon after church. I really did not know what to expect – word on the street was that this place is pretty fancy, and the exterior is fairly nondescript.

French Quarter is fit for a casual breakfast or a nice night out. There is a dimly-lit front area with tables and booths as well as a rear dining room with bright posters of New Orleans. The dining room is where we were seated today. Our waitress was very pleasant – for example, while taking our drink orders our son mentioned that he wanted rice and beans. Of course he meant that he wanted that for lunch, but the waitress brought out a side of rice and beans along with our drinks. This helped curb his hunger and made him a nicer lunch companion. Officially, French Quarter stops serving breakfast at noon, but since we were just a couple minutes past noon they made some exceptions for us.

I had the gumbo-in-a-bread-bowl, which is a great choice for any carnivore. Shredded chicken and sausage gumbo in a crusty, hollowed-out roll along with a quarter of a mufalatta (one of my favorites). This is on the lunch menu for $9, a great value in my opinion. My wife had the seafood omlette and hash browns, which she enjoyed, and my son had chocolate chip pancakes. The omlette got a thumbs up and the pancakes were yummy. Also, the beans and rice that preceeded my son’s meal were exceptionally good. For desert we had some beignets – not as traditional as the ones I remember from Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, but still good.

During the course of our visit the restaurant began to fill up a bit (we were the only ones there when we arrived), and it seems like there is a bit of local repeat traffic. We thought the food and ambiance were good and it was a fair value overall. We will gladly return to the French Quarter.

Location: French Quarter Cajun Seafood