Our first attempt to visit was a bust. According to all my sources they were to open Sept 9. We arrive at 6:30pm after over an hour drive to get there due to really bad traffic. We were greeted at the door with a question of…

Waiter- “Are you here for the tasting”?

Me- “Pardon Me?”

Waiter “A tasting, for our investors.”

Me: “No”

Waiter-“Then could you come back in an hour,… no two hours?”

“Uh No.” At least not this night. Things like this happen when you go the first day they open.

So we went back 7 days later. There is a light mist coming down. There is a 40-45 minute wait. Ok. We start to wait. The host explains that if it was not for the current mist and forecast rain, they could seat us outside right away. There is one table with people on the patio. It really isn’t misting that hard. (Now you have to understand that the night before, I had just had the conversation with my husband about our “most romantic” date. It was 4th of July, 1986, at the Tacoma zoo, IN THE RAIN!) So he looks at me and smiles…and says “We are willing to try the patio!” So out we go. The patio has a sun block but nothing to prevent rain from coming down. Two of the managers check on us a couple of times and let us know if it gets too heavy to let him know and they will get us indoors. One ( I believe was Christian) even understands and says he and his wife might do the same thing.

Our waitress, seats us at a table that has the least amount of moisture on it and takes our drink order. Now to tackle that menu. Do we want an appetizer or a salad or bruschetta? We decided on the Fried Calamari & Rock Shrimp with Truffle Aioli and Marinara. When it was brought to our table I took a taste and just handed it right back to her. The coating on Calamari was not cooked and the calamari was cool. She apologized and sent it back. A new platter was brought out in just a few minutes and tasted perfect. Hot and ready to eat. Tender and delicious. Just let me say how wonderful both the sauces were. Marinara was full of flavor but light and the Truffle Aioli had a great delicate truffle flavor. It was a hit! The manager came to check on our second plate and apologies for the first and comp’d it for us.

As I looked at the menu so many things sounded good, I am going bold. Black Fig & Gorgonzola Pizza crispy pancetta, arugula and mozzarella. My husband orders a handmade Tagliatelle Bolognese, classic Bolognese sauce, reggiano parmesan, basil.

At this point the mist has gone to a drizzle and just before they deliver the dishes we move inside which was a good thing, because lightening cracks and then comes the rain. Oh well we tried for romance in the rain and got just a little!

And just then our food was delivered to our table. If only you could smell my pizza! I cannot wait for that first bite. Crispy wood fired dough, then creamy mozzarella, and a fig. OH My!

Another bite and I get gorgonzola and crispy pancetta. Oh, I love it. And when you get a bite with gorgonzola and fig in the same bite, ooh la la! I don’t know who came up with this combination but I could kiss them (not that they would want me to)!

The Tagliatelle Bolognese is homemade, that is what the menu says. I disagree, sorry Chef Ascolese. This dish was finely crafted by hand in their kitchen. Cooks only wish their homemade tasted this good. The long flat ribbons of Tagliatelle are so perfect they could stand alone. But what harm could a little Bolognese do? Well, no harm when Chef Ascolese is behind it. This sauce is beyond good. It is not over powering, a little spice and the sausage is ground to a medium fine, delicate consistency so you get it in every bite. The tomato sauce is light and not overwhelming. Two fantastic dishes.

At this point our waitress offers us dessert, a verbal choice between Tiramisu and?? or coffee. I pass. Then after our bill was delivered the table next to us is given a little dessert menu and it had more than two items on it and the waiter recommended his favorite. Oh well, I really did not need desert.

Over all while we had a couple of misses it was a great meal. I am looking forward to my next meal at Princi Italia. (I think I may already have my next three already planned.) If this is day 7, I cannot wait to see what it grows up to be… I image even finer.

Location: Princi Italia