It was a beautiful day and I decided to try this little place by my house. It’s tucked into the corner of a small shopping center shrouded in lush trees and a perfectly sized place for a quick lunch. I walked in an was greeted at the counter by Mr. Marini himself. He was patient as I went over the menu. I decided to order three empanadas although I would recommend starting with two if you aren’t that hungry. I picked a “Chicken Inferno,” a “Beef Gaucho,” and a “Chuckwagon.” Each of my choices sounded amazing but very different which is one thing, among many, that I loved about Marini’s. You can order a variety of different flavors of empanadas from pulled pork to beef and olives to spicy chicken creations. Being able to sample so many items in one meal is perfect for people like me who can never decide what they want. I always want to try everything I can.

As I sat down I realized how at home I felt here, the atmosphere is very calm and comfortable. There were tables of people around me laughing and talking casually. I love when places feel so homey. After what I thought was a pleasant wait I got my little pockets of yumminess. As I bit into each one I was over joyed with the amount of flavor each one had. They were crisp on the outside and bursting with warm, scrumptious fillings. The Chicken Inferno tasted like the best shredded chicken and peppers you’ve ever had. The Beef Gaucho was a medley of onions, olives, and ground beef in a great sauce. The Chuckwagon was beef, mushrooms, and a delectable wine sauce that I’d love the recipe for. All of my choices were spot on with what I expected them to taste like and even better they were piping hot, fresh, and handmade.

If you are running errands or out shopping or simply just looking for a quick stop in for lunch then I implore you to try The Original Marini’s Empanada House. You will be surprised just how comfortable you are even if you’ve never set foot in the place. Try any kind of empanada that sticks out to you, you will not be disappointed I’m sure of it, and remember to ask for the green sauce! If you want to know more about Marini’s check them out on their website!

Location: The Original Marini’s Empanada House