Vietnamese food is very popular in Houston and one of the leading Houston based chains is Pho Saigon. They have locations all around the Houston area and in Austin ready and willing to give you a great experience with food you may not have otherwise been exposed to. When you think of a Vietnamese noodle house I’m sure the image in your head is much like mine – a vibrant, bustling dining area with the smells of beef and chicken soups wafting through the air. Pho Saigon is exactly like that vision you have in your mind’s eye.

We walked into a packed house of patrons laughing and talking. We were greeted immediately and ushered to a table in the center of the dining area. The menu is packed with amazing options from fresh spring rolls to soft tendon beef soup and chicken noodle soup. I love Vietnamese soup when I’m feeling under the weather and so I decided on a combination beef soup with flank steak and round eye steak but not before I tried the fresh spring rolls with chargrilled pork. It took no time at all to dig into those and the peanut sauce it’s served with is just the best I’ve ever had. Not long after I had my fill of spring rolls my soup was out. They brought a plate of fresh toppings – cilantro, bean sprouts, lime, etc. And, I always make sure I have Sriracha. As I savored my robustly flavored soup I felt better already. I sipped water and indulged in every spoonful as fully as possible.

If you have never tried Pho or any Vietnamese dish I strongly recommend it. Houston is a melting pot for the greatest food of many different cultures and we are so lucky to have this kind of variety at our fingertips. Pho Saigon is the frontrunner among Vietnamese noodle houses in the area and after experiencing their food and ambiance I can definitely see why. For all their locations and to learn more about them check out their website!

Location: Pho Saigon