Torigen is a great restaurant that I happen to hear about that has a great Charbroiled Chicken Sukiyaki. It is located in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo which is more of a commercial area of Japan. I was able to find this place one day around lunch time and decided to try it out and see if it is as good as I heard it is.

I was greeted as I entered the restaurant by the chefs shouting a “WELCOME!!!” in Japanese which I have noticed is common in Japan. I really like this because it can put you in a great mood in an instant.

After taking direction from the chef I decided on their Charbroiled Chicken Sukiyaki which is charbroiled chicken simmered in a special spicy soup.

A small bowl of the best miso soup I have ever had comes with this meal. I love the fact that it has clams which adds another dimension to the taste. So very good!!

The Charbroiled Chicken Sukiyaki has a mix of fried tofu and vegetables which they say gives the chicken much more flavor. I agree 100% percent. There was tororo sauce on side which is a grated Japanese mountain yam, but using it did not change the flavor profile much which was already great.

The care put into the food at Torigen is top notch in every way, a chef that loves what he does makes this place a treat.

With so many great places to eat in Tokyo it can be hard to decide but at least I know of a great place for Chicken Sukiyaki.

Location: Torigen Shinjuku Nishiguchi