Krico’s Latin Chicken House or simply now referred to as Krico’s House located in Katy, TX has you covered if you are craving something crunchy and salty to share with your whole family or friends. Not only is the food seasoned well, but the portions are generous so you are guaranteed to leave there with leftovers. I wanted something different with a lot of Latin influences. From arepitas to yuca, this Latin kitchen will appeal to all your tastebuds.

The attentive waitress stopped by and took our drink order, first. We ordered a sugar cane lemonade, a passion fruit margarita, and a spicy cucumber martini.

 Sugar cane lemonade, a passion fruit margarita, and a spicy cucumber martini at Krico’s House

The sugar cane lemonade was what to be expected, a sweet blend of lemons. It was refreshing at first but does need some water to dilute it a bit. I say this because as you eat, the meal is on the salty side so we were craving water throughout our meal. The passion fruit margarita was my favorite. My only complaint was it wasn’t enough lol. Poured into a short glass with salt on the rim, this drink was a reward after a long week. I ordered the spicy cucumber martini. The theme was GREEN, the cucumber, jalapeño slice, glass, and straw were all green. I really liked how it starts off sweet and ends with a little heat.

The bar at Krico’s Latin Chicken House

The restaurant has a very modern well designed look and feel, love the colors and the ceiling hexagon pattern.

Plenty of nice seating at Krico’s Latin Chicken House

We visited on a Friday on which they promote live music which really was a treat.

Live entertainment at Krico’s Latin Chicken House

Our 16-year-old was starving as most teenage boys are, when we arrived at Krico’s House. He wanted to order everything on the menu.

We had read ahead some reviews and one platter was mentioned many times, The Nojoda Picada. This huge meal says it’s enough for 2-3 but honestly, we quickly found out it could have been enough for more.

We also ordered an appetizer called the cheesymole and my husband ordered the paisa bowl.

Cheesymole appetizer at Krico’s Latin Chicken House

We ordered all three not knowing how much food it really was. Let’s start with the CheesyMole. This appetizer was recommended by the waitress. It came out super hot in a small-sized cast iron pan. Cheesymole was a hot, melty concoction with beans, ground beef, roasted corn, mozzarella, guacamole, pico de gallo, queso fresco, sour cream, and 6 arepitas. The roasted corn really did it for me. The arepitas were a nice change from chips. Out of the three dishes we ordered, Chessymole was my personal favorite. The cast iron skillet kept the ingredients very hot, which I feel made it delicious.

Cheesymole at Krico’s House

The hubby had his eye on the paisa bowl. It was all he kept talking about on the way to Krico’s House. The Paisa bowl consisted of ground beef, chicharron, white rice, beans, avocado, fried plantains, arepitas, fried egg, sausage, and pico de gallo. Everything was neatly placed in the bowl. The over-easy egg was cooked perfectly to ooze over everything. His favorite ingredient was the sausage, I could only tell because, by the time I looked over, that was the first thing that was gone.

The paisa bowl at Krico’s Latin Chicken House

The biggest and most expensive dish on the menu is called Nojoda Picada. This tray of tapas is massive and literally has it all! My son was in heaven! It had all the best carbs, protein, and fats that a teenager would love. This dish had beef, fried chicken, sausage, chicharron, bacon, arepitas, fries, yucas, fried plantains, guacamole, grilled onions, and chimichurri. Everything on the tray could hit every salty craving. My top favorites were fried chicken, arepitas, beef, and fries. The fried chicken was super tender and perfectly seasoned. Arepitas are round patties made of ground maize (corn) dough. Typically stuffed with meat, but with the arepitas, these were cut into triangles to enjoy. The beef was cooked perfectly and quickly gone. The fries were golden brown with a drizzle of sauce on top. As much as I enjoyed the fries I think if it was replaced with rice instead it would have made it better.

Nojoda Picada at Krico’s House

Although we didn’t finish The Nojada Picada, my son’s eyes danced with delight, and quickly offered to finish it the next day. We made a decent dent in it even with a hungry teenage wrestler so keep that in mind before ordering for your party. To finish off the great meal we ordered the Krico’s House flan which was absolutely fantastic, a must-try,

Krico’s House flan dessert

Krico’s Kitchen was literally outside of our neighborhood so that was super convenient for us. So if your venturing out and dining in Katy, Texas be sure to check it out.

Outside view of Krico’s Latin Chicken House