Pizaros Pizza caught my eye with their advertised pizza, just like in Italy. It has been awhile since I last visited Italy, but I do remember the pizza is very unique – if you are unfamiliar with the difference, Italian pizza is typically lighter, fresher, and just a higher quality version of the pizza chains that we (and our waistlines) have grown to love in the U.S.

Pizaros boasts an oven that quickly cooks pizza at very high temperatures. The result is a crust that is an interesting blend of chewy and crispy.

At Pizaros we were initially concerned with the lack of clientele, but as the evening moved on there were more patons. I guess eating with kids shifts our dining clock back a little. My son had the kids meal which included a cheese pizza a drink. I had the mushroom and sausage pizza which was very flavorful, and my wife stuck with her favorite, pizza margherita. All of the pizzas lived up to the hype and taste quite authentic.

Cheese pizza

Mushroom pizza

Margherita pizza

The owner was friendly and seemed to have a personal relationship with many customers, denoting repeat business. Overall our experience at Pizaros was very good and if we get the hankering for old world style pizza, they are high up on our list.

Location: Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana