A taste of Philly in Portland!

I have to admit I very rarely try a Philly Cheesesteak outside of Philadelphia but I made an exception this time. I stumbled across Steakadelphia in Portland, OR and decided to stop in. The place was pretty busy with a wide range of people having lunch, very diverse indeed. That’s a common thread I’ve noticed amongst good eateries, lots of different types of people visiting a location is a key indicator of how good the food is.

I ordered the 12″ Cheez Whiz Philly which is Cheese Whiz, onions and Steakadelphia sauce. This is the closest I can get to the “Whiz Wit” I usually order back in Philadelphia. Don’t let the basic appearance fool you. This Philly is some good stuff. I was a little apprehensive trying a cheesesteak in Portland but the first bite in I felt like I was back in South Philly! This is the closest I’ve had to a genuine cheesesteak from Philly and here I am 3,000 miles away! Score!

Lesa usually doesn’t do cheesesteaks since she doesn’t eat red meat so we were pleased when we noticed Steakadelphia offered a chicken based sandwich as well. She couldn’t stop raving about the sandwich so this place was a winner. Usually when going to a cheesesteak joint there’s only red meat on the menu so it was a good change of pace to see chicken being offered as well. Well done Steakadelphia!

One tip. Don’t order 2 sides of fries. They give a hefty portion and one order is plenty for two people. Ask me how I know. lol.

If you visit Steakadelphia their parking is a little weird. There’s a small lot behind the building you can park in but it’s shared with other building tenants so pickings may be slim during peak hours. Street parking will be a likely option.

Location: Steakadelphia